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Norakaruyc erkharkani arandznatun Avanum

Тип здания
550 m2
Vacharvum e erkharkani arandznatun. Yndhanur 550mq. Bnakelin 220mq. , hoghataracqy 440qm. Taniqy terasa.

A newly build vila house is on sale localized in a very nice region of Yerevan called “Avan”. Here you can enjoy fresh and clean air, as well as nice view of the city due to it’s location on the hill. It consists of two floors, has garage and garden area. There is a terassa on the roof, from where you may enjoy the ice view of the neibourhood and the city. You may see the plan of the house on the attached photos. It’s a part of a chain building consisting of four houses, where this one is last from the right. An additional area is added to it increasing the area for the garden. It’s a very comfortable family house. You have a chance to design internal part of the house according your needs and wishes.
If you are interested, please contact me for more details. Price:
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