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Distancion Video Camera - Видеокамера (дистанционная)

Видеокамера (дистанционная передаёт изображение через видео на смартфон или планшет работающий на программу Android или Iphone)

Distancion Video Camera (videon poxancum e planshet kam smartfon ekranin ashxatum e iphoneri kam Androidov ashxatox cankacac sarqavorman het)

• IOS device go to App store, Android device go to google store to download Googo software.
• Remote Viewing & Image Capturing. Capture any image you want and keep in your photo album.
• Remote A/V recording through iPhone, iPad and Android smartohone or tablet PC. Recording happy times, take care of pats when you are not at home, spying to improve home and office security, collecting important recording as provement in law, etc.
• Support video viewing and recording up to 30fps.
• With MIC for recording sound.
• Portable, convenient to carry.
• Wi-Fi interface 802.11b/g/n
• Transmit distance up to 30m indoor, and 100m outdoor
• Working frequency: 2.4Ghz
• Camera pixel: 5,000,000
• Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery: 800mAh
• Charging time: 2h
• Working time: 4h
• Standby time: 720h
• Charging interface: Micro USB 5pin
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