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Microphone Distancion EYK EW-C01 30 Channels 60m Clip Microphone 1 + 1

EYK EW-C01 30 Channels UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System with Handheld Style Lapel Mic Interview for SLR Camera Camcorder


UHF Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone 30 Selectable Channels up to 195ft Range with Two 3.5mm Cables for Interview Recording Performance

Key Point:

1. UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Stable signals in UHF frequency band, With 30 selectable channels in the 520-580MHz frequency range, for interference-free operation, working range up to 60m (195ft)

2. Two different styles of Lavalier Microphone
Equipped with two lavalier mic, one design for attaching them to clothes, which make it easy for you to move, another is design for handheld, which make it more convenient for interview.

3. Unidirectional lavalier microphone
Directional pickup, Cardioid polar pattern rejects unwanted noise. Included windscreen also reduces plosives, wind and breath sounds.
More accurate pickup, Keep more delicate sound.

4. Easy to read LED screen
Transmitter with LED display to show battery status, channels, etc. Come with a camera shoe mount, it can be directly fixed to your DSLR camera and other shooting equipment.

5. For camera or smart phone
Receiver with 3.5mm interface, comes with two 3.5mm cable, it can work with your laptop/PC/DSLR Camera/Amplifier/DV/Camcorder/Smart phone/Mixer, etc.

6. Universal battery
Both receiver and transmitter use 2*1.5V AA battery, working time 4-5 hours.

Wireless Transmission

Stable signal in UHF band
up to 195 Feet (up to 60 meters)

Packing list:

1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x bodypack Clip
2x Lavalier Microphone
1x Camera Shoe Mount
2x 3.5mm Cable
1x User Manual


Modulation Mode:Digital Frequency Modulate
Frequency Range:UHF 520-580MHz
Preset Frequency:30 Channels(auto paring)
Frequency Response:50Hz-16kHz 3dB
Max. Devlation Range:50kHz (with level limiting)
T. H. D. :98dB
Working Range:Up to 60m
RF Carrier Stability:0.005%(-10-50)

Power Supply:3V
Power Consumption:100mA
Battery Life:5 hours

Carrier Frequency Power:30mw
Working Time:10 hours
FM point:16
Antenna: Flexible
Audio input connector: 3.5mm mini jack

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