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Germany Visa Preparation and Appointment, Գերմանիա Վիզա դիմումների նախապատրաստու

Service = Germany Visa Preparation, Documentation, Appointment

Service Time
  • 1-24 hours - gathering required information
  • 1-24 hours - Filling in the paperwork

Visa Types
  • Tourist

How the process works
  • All process is done remotely or you can visit our office few times
  • List of required documents will be provided upon submission
  • all instructions will be provided step by step

  • 7000 AMD

Payment Method
  • paypal
  • skrill
  • bank card
  • cash
  • idram
  • mobidram

  • This service does NOT have any role in approving your Visa application
  • The decision is only made by the Germany immigration officer which is independent of any agencies
  • The fee paid for the application is NOT refundable even if you get rejected

If you have any questions please let us know
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