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Chess & Backgammon, Nardi Shaxmat, Нарди

Walnut Wood Traditional Chess Backgammon Set
Excellent gift idea for him or her on birthday, Valentine day or any other celebration

Special case with box for chess figures.
Checkers: 16 light, 16 dark
Size: 30 x 60
You will also get all the necessary game pieces as well with your purchase, namely:
•32 handmade wooden chess pieces (16 white and 16 brown), carved out from the crème de la crème Transylvanian wood on a manually operated traditional wooden lathe, each and every one also being lacquered and felted by hand
•Backgammon checkers_ 32 (16 black & 16 white)
•Dice: 2
GIFT - a super stylish bag which makes it more convenient to carry.

This chess boards are handcrafted and unique!
Made in Armenia

100% NEW

Shaxmati het ka ^ shaxmati qarer + nardu qar (16sev& 16spitak) + zar (2 zuyg) + payusak
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