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International Healthcare Systems 2017. AV Astvatsatryan / GV Chaltikyan

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Yerevan › Kentron
This Manual is intended as a guide for staff and students involved, either directly or indirectly in the field of International Health Care Systems. The program has been training future research scientists and Public Health professionals to be leaders and innovators dedicated to improving Public Health in a program environment rich in learning, discovery, and service.
361 pages

Public Health. Genesis
Public Health. Current practice
Health Care Goals, Systems and Standards
Public Health. Education through history
Health Care Management
Health Care in the United States
Health Care Reform in the United States
Health Care in Armenia
Health Care in India
Health Care in Australia
Health Care in Brazil
Health Care in Chile
Health Care in Germany
Health Care in France
Health Care in Japan
Health Care in Holland
Health Care in Switzerland
Health Care in Turkey
The Future of Health Care
Clinical Ethics and Law
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