Solar panel 6v 2.5W / Панель солнечных батарей

Панель для получения солнечной энергии
Solar panel 5v 250mA 110x69 - 2900 dr.

6V 2.5W Solar Panel
High conversion rate, high efficiency output
Excellent weak light effect
It is important electric parts for transferring the sun light power into electrical power for your application
Build your DIY powered models, solar display, solar light and solar toys, etc
Usage: To charge cell phones.
For home lighting.
Suitable for solar powered water pump, small solar power system, DC battery Charger etc.
For DIY solar power toys.

Power: 2.5W
Voltage: 6V
Size: 19.4x12x0.3cm
Weight: 74g

Tegs: Arevayin martkoc.
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