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3 room apartment on

3 room apartment on Duryan street, 85 sq.m., 12/14 floor, partial renovation

31,486,959 ֏6,609,081 ₽
Code HMA013Agency
Building Information
Construction Type
New Construction
Floors in the Building
The House Has
Outdoor parking
Apartment Information
Floor Area
85 sq.m.
Number of Rooms
Number of Bathrooms
Ceiling Height
from 2.75 m
Closed balcony
Not available
Partial Renovation
A 3-room apartment is for sale in Duryan district, Avan administrative district.

  • The apartment is in a clean living condition.
  • An external iron door and European windows are installed.
  • It consists of living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, separate bathroom and 1 closed balcony.
  • The apartment is located on the 12th floor of a 14-storey building.
  • The bathroom is separate.
  • The floors are covered with laminate and parquet.
  • Heating is carried out through an individual heating system.
  • There is an outdoor parking lot in the yard.
  • All the necessary infrastructures are nearby.

For other details, write or call the indicated numbers.
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