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3 room apartment in

3 room apartment in a new building, Northern Avenue, 140 sq.m., 2 bathrooms, high ceilings

$2,000 monthly$2,000 monthly
773,041 ֏ monthly158,001 ₽ monthly
Code AA100Agency
Building Information
Construction Type
New Construction
Floors in the Building
The House Has
Intercom entry, concierge
Apartment Information
Floor Area
140 sq.m.
Number of Rooms
Number of Bathrooms
Ceiling Height
from 3 m
Multiple balconies
Major Renovation
Television, air conditioner, internet, parking space
Fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher, washing machine, water Heater, iron, hair dryer
Window Views
Yard view, street view, city view
House Rules
Number of Guests
Children Are Welcome
Pets Allowed
Deal Terms
Utility Payments
Not included
1 month
In one of the busiest parts of the small center of Yerevan, in one of the buildings on Northern Avenue, a fully renovated 3-room apartment is for long-term rent.

• The apartment has 2 open balconies.
• The apartment is fully renovated, equipped with property and equipment.
• Heating is carried out through an individual heating system, there is an air conditioner.
• The floors are covered with parquet and tiles.
• Bathrooms are tiled and equipped with sanitary ware.
• All the necessary shops, entertainment places, parks, etc. Are near the building.

For other details, write or call the indicated numbers.
Translated from Armenian
Places Nearby
Opera Theatre0.3 km4 - 5 min
Republic Square0.6 km10 - 12 min
Cascade0.8 km13 - 16 min
Yeritasardakan Metro Station0.9 km14 - 16 min
Vernissage1.0 km16 - 19 min
Lovers Park1.0 km16 - 19 min
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