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2 room apartment in

2 room apartment in a new building on Yervand Kochar street, 83 sq.m., high ceilings, 15/19 floor

59,390,005 ֏11,769,520 ₽
Code 20470Agency
Building Information
Construction Type
New Construction
Floors in the Building
Apartment Information
Floor Area
83 sq.m.
Number of Rooms
Number of Bathrooms
Ceiling Height
from 3 m
Open balcony
Major Renovation
A 2-room apartment of 83 square meters is for sale in Yervand Kochar village. M. With an area located on the 15th floor of a 16-story special project panel building. The apartment is fully renovated. It has an iron door, euro windows, the floor is covered with parquet. It is provided with permanent water supply and gas supply. It is heated by the heating system. The bathroom is tiled, equipped with sanitary ware. It has open and closed balconies. The building has an elevator, an intercom. The apartment is sold with furniture.

Code 20470
Translated from Armenian
Places Nearby
General Andranik Metro Station0.3 km4 - 5 min
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral0.3 km6 - 7 min
Vernissage0.7 km12 - 14 min
Republic Square1.0 km17 - 20 min
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