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Agricultural plot in

Agricultural plot in Shahumyan, 31,000 sq.m.

16,713,728 ֏4,115,993 ₽
Lot Information
Land Area
31,000 sq.m.
Service Lines
Electricity, water supply
Berkatu garden, together 31000 square meters. A flat road from M. Artashat highway to the plot:
25 km from Yerevan. Kirov sovkhoz
Planted grapes (standing), 3 to 8 years old, 20600 sq. M.
50 + tons of annual harvest (grapes)
The rest are apricot and peach 8-10 years old 10400m. (Apricot garden only $18,500)
(Vineyard only $28,000)
Well cultivated, full of crops. Irrigation water passes directly past the soil.
Can be purchased in installments
Apricot orchard / Vineyard.
There are several parts with certificates.

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