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2 room apartment in

2 room apartment in a new building, Buzand St, 65 sq.m., high ceilings, 11/17 floor

$1,500 monthly$1,500 monthly
579,439 ֏ monthly118,500 ₽ monthly
Code 014708Agency
Building Information
Construction Type
New Construction
Floors in the Building
Apartment Information
Floor Area
65 sq.m.
Number of Rooms
Number of Bathrooms
Ceiling Height
from 3 m
Open balcony
Designer Renovation
House Rules
Number of Guests
Children Are Welcome
Pets Allowed
Deal Terms
Utility Payments
Not included
By Agreement
2-room apartment is for rent in Center, in a new building. The apartment is fully renovated, uninhabited. Iron door, euro windows are installed, the floor is covered with laminate. Heating and cooling system. The bathroom հան the kitchen is covered with European tiles, it is equipped with sanitary ware. The apartment is furnished, provided with the necessary equipment, dishes, bedding. There is cable TV and internet. All the places of rest and entertainment are nearby. There is an open balcony.

Code 014708
Translated from Armenian
Places Nearby
Republic Square0.3 km4 - 5 min
Vernissage0.3 km4 - 5 min
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral0.5 km8 - 10 min
General Andranik Metro Station0.7 km11 - 13 min
Opera Theatre1.0 km17 - 20 min
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