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Functioning Business, Աշտարակի խճուղի in Ajapnyak, 7400 sq.m.

Functioning Business
Construction Type
Floor Area
7400 sq.m.
Address: Yerjan, Ajapnyak, Ashtarak highway
A commercial commercial area is for sale, located on Ashtarak highway. The total area is 7400 square meters. The area of the building is 3200 square meters. M.: It is fenced on all sides. Metal gates are installed. Two-way entrance is open. This area is a current business - food production within the Armenian markets. There are more than 1500 freezers in the shops. Production includes: Production of ice cream with its production lines, storage and delivery with specialized machines belonging to the company, Flour confectionery products with its production lines, storage and delivery with machines belonging to the company. Extensive ice cream confectionery warehouses, separate glaze factory, mechanical workshop equipped with various machines, spacious roofed parking lot, own gas boiler house, all buildings are heated.
PRICE $ 1800000. Negotiable:
Translated from Armenian
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